Dragonvale rainbow dragon
There are different types of Dragons:
  • Plant
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Cold
  • Lighting
  • Water
  • Air
  • Metal
  • Rare
  • Gemstone
  • Download

But getting all the hybrid dragons can be hard. Here's a list:

  • Plant = Poison, Flower, Moss, Tree, Swamp, Seaweed, Willow, Lichen, Cactus, Reindeer, Love, Clover, Bloom,Sakura.
  • Earth = Moss, Lava, Tree, Mountain, Crystal, Quake, Mud, Sandstorm, Iron, Dodo, Bone, Panlong, Clover,Sakura.
  • Fire = Poison, Flower, Lava, Firefly, Blazing, Blue Fire, Scorch, Frostfire, Brass, Bone, Panlong, Love, Butterfly, Forge.
  • Cold = Mountain, Blue Fire, Storm, Ice,Snow, Iceberg, Frostfire, Lichen, Mine, Steel, Reindeer, Bloom.
  • Lighting = Firefly, Scorch, Quake, Crystal, Storm, Sonic, Cactus, Magnetic, Love, Bloom, Butterfly, Plasma, Current.
  • Water = Swamp, Ice, Mud, Seaweed, Fog, Iceberg, Rust, Panlong, Sakura, Plasma, Current, Quicksilver.
  • Air = Willow, Blazing, Fog, Sonic, Snow, Sandstorm, Chrome, Dodo, Panlong, Butterfly.
  • Metal = Iron, Brass, Mine, Magnetic, Rust, Chrome, Steel, Quicksilver, Forge.
  • Rare = Rainbow, Leap Year, Sun, Moon.
  • Limited = Bone, Reindeer, Panlong, Love, Leap Year, Bloom, Sakura, Butterfly.
  • Gemstone = Emerald, Pearl.

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