300px-Breeding Cave

As soon as you reach Level 7, breeding becomes a core element of your park. You will need to breed to create exciting new hybrids, rare and limited dragons.


  • Levels of a dragon do not matter unless they are at least level 4.
  • The Epic Breeding Island slightly increases the chance of getting a rare Dragon.
  • The chances of breeding a Rainbow Dragon or any rare dragon are much higher in the Epic Breeding Island.
  • Make sure that if possible, you are not using hybrids, just the basic element.
  • If you are failing often:
  1. Try switching round the order of the dragons in the breeding slots.
  2. Try holding down the "Breed" button.
  3. If you have been using the Breeding Cave, try using the Epic Breeding Island if you can get it.
  4. Give it a break, and try breeding again.
    • The Enchanted Breeding Cave
    • The Epic Breeding Island
    • The Breeding Cave
    • The Epic Breeding Sanctuary
    DON'T GIVE UP!!!
  5. If all else fails, buy a gem package from the Market, then buy the dragon.
  • The Enchanted Breeding Cave reduces the breeding time of a dragon by 20%.
  • The Epic Breeding Sanctuary reduces the breeding time of a dragon by 20% while still giving you a higher chance of getting a rare dragon.

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