Earth habitat

Once hatched, a dragon must be placed in a habitat suitable to its element(s), or be placed in the Hibernation Cave if there is room in it. When a dragon is in a habitat, it will start to produce coins. Each habitat has a maximum dragon capacity and a maximum coin capacity.


  • Some dragons, such as Panlong Dragons, have a very high coin rate and can be put in a range of habitats. Always put these dragons in the habitat with the largest coin capacity, for example the Earth habitat, then you will not have to empty the habitat very often.
  • Plan ahead when breeding a dragon, as you may not have enough room in a habitat for one, so you'll need to build a new one.
  • The Hibernation Cave is in many ways just like a universal habitat, except that once a dragon is in there you will be unable to feed it and get any income from it.
  • The Gemstone Island is the only habitat that contains/earns gems instead.

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