The Epic Breeding Island One of the Islands of Dragonvale.

Your islands are what give Your dragons places to live and your visitors things to see such as the rare Rainbow Dragon. In the whole game of dragonvale you can hold up to six Islands. It is essential you have the first three Islands. From that point the fourth fifth and sixth island cost much more Dragon Cash. A lot of people have suggested more Islands but still nothing has happened.

Although the Epic Breeding Island has the name Island it is not concidered one as it is used for Breeding and not for displaying dragons.

Another one is the Gemstone Island it is used for storing any of the Gemstone Dragons (see gemstone dragon page for more info). The Gemstone Island CANNOT be decorated.

Saving Space:

  • Try and move all of your Habitats to one side, this will leave more space on the other side.

Making your Islands look better:

  • Try and fill your whole Island with tiles as they will give you an idea of where everything will go.
  • Adding Decorations. This will make your Island look very good and will attract more visitors.

Island Prices:

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