Limited dragons are dragons that are limited for a short amount of time. Each dragon is made in honour of a festival or event. Backflip Studios says that people will NOT be able to get Limited Dragons out of the time given to breed them. It is likely that limited dragons will return for the event they represent the next year but we still have no proof.

Limited DragonsEdit

Here are all of the limited dragons in order so far:

  • Bone Dragon (Fire+Earth): Halloween
  • Reindeer Dragon (Cold+Plant): Christmas
  • Panlong Dragon (Earth+Fire+Water+Air): Chinese New Year
  • Love Dragon (Fire+Lightning+Plant): Valetine's Day
  • Leap Year Dragon (Rainbow): Leap Year
  • Clover Dragon (Plant+Earth): St. Patrick's Day
  • Bloom Dragon (Lightning+Cold+Plant): Easter
  • Sakura Dragon (Plant+Earth+Fire): Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Butterfly Dragon (Lightning+Fire+Air): Deaf Awareness Month
  • Solstice Dragon (Blazing+Earth/Earth Hybrid): Solstices
  • Firework Dragon (Fire+Air): Independence Day

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