Dragonvale rainbow dragon

Rainbow ElementEdit

To breed a Rainbow Dragon you must need at least 4 elements present. A simple trick to get you more shots on Rainbow is -

  • Magnetic + Poison
  • Flower + Magnetic
  • Brass + Cactus
  • Seaweed + Firefly
  • Bluefire + Crystal ( Not Re
    Rainbow Full
    commended )
  • Panlong + Cactus
  • Water + Love
  • Panlong + Air
  • Panlong + Love
  • Panlong + Bloom
  • Panlong + Sakura
  • Firefly + Evergreen


  • Best to avoid Cold an Lightning with each other as that will get you a Sun or Moon also.
  • Avoid using Bluefire + Crystal since it can result in a 24hr crystal and is likely to get you a Sun or Moon.
  • Try to use a combo that has a failed dragon with a short incubation time.

The Some Best Failed Results are :

Result Time Selling Price
Magnetic Dragon 4hrs 1,150,000DC
Brass Dragon 5hrs 1,000,000DC
Poison Dragon 30mins


Flower Dragon 1hour 5,000DC
Cactus 30mins 100,000DC

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