Mild Offenses (Punishable by public warning/ Temporary ban from chat.)

Use of a word or phrase 3x in a row or more.

Posting the same message twice on one page.

Posting nonsensical text or messages.

Overuse of capitalization which is equivalent to yelling.

Overuse of emoticons (limit one per sentence max.)

Moderate Offenses (Punishable by temporary blocking from commenting and blogging/

Longer ban from chat.)

Using mild language such as OMG, BS, crap, hell, shut-up! ect.

Flaming (getting mad and aggressive at other wiki users for no reason.)

Spreading false information.

Trying to get users private information.

Uploading innaproriate pictures.

Severe Offenses (Punishable by permaneant ban from commenting and blogging/ Permanent ban from chat/ Contacting wikipedia staff to remove user)

Cussing and swearing.

Uploading nude photos.

Spreading private infromation.

If you notice anyone breaking these rules, report the incident to DRAG0N DUD3 or any of the other wikki team.

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